Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Day in the Life Of

Temp: -36.0

Wind Chill: -47.4

Wind Speed: 6.5 kts

A typical day at work for Cully and I is to walk over to ARO, run up to the solar instruments on the roof, make sure that wires aren’t tangled and that they are actually tracking the sun. If they are off by a little, then we have to adjust them. That usually takes about five minutes, and then it’s indoors to make sure that the internal instrumentation is working properly. We usually have a little bit of time to get caught up on business email from around the station, as well as our contacts back in Boulder. It’s usually pushing lunch time so we head back for some warm food…and a couple games of ping pong of course (I’m not mentioning a lot about the war that has started between Cully and I because his lead has increased quite substantially, and I don’t want to talk about it!) J

When Cully and I got back from lunch, we had to try and get a few boxes of samples ready to ship back to Scripps. What used to be an open cargo area for us yesterday is now packed with crates full of air samples that Amy and Johan (our predecessors) had sampled over the winter, but could not ship out. Don’t worry, we’ll do the same thing to our relief next year!!

….and yes, he was actually outside for a few seconds dressed like that, along with gloves and a hat, of course! Not me! I had on jeans, long sleeved shirt, gloves and hat! I’m going to use the fact that he was moving as my excuse why the picture is so blurry!

Cully had a fire drill to go to, so I finished the last Dobson measurement for the day, and came back to the station for dinner. After that, I got sucked into a very brutal, networked game of Battle Field 2 with some friends. Four computers linked together with people set about trying to destroy one another…nothing builds camaraderie like annhialation! Unfortunately for me, I forgot I needed to check one of the solar instruments later on in the evening, so I went back out to ARO, fiddled around for a little while with that, and then came back. On the way in the second time, I decided to feature my shadow in a couple pics.

These were taken around 1030 last night, but they are about the only time this year that my shadow would have made it into the picture with the Dome. I really need to get myself a different camera!! J

Tomorrow I am slated to help out in the galley making pies…should be interesting!

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