Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ice Cube

Air temp: -36.1C
Wind Chill: -49.1C
Wind Speed: 9.3 kts

Oh boy, do I need a different camera! This was the first shot that I took on the way out to the Ice Cube site, and regrettably it was my last. The batteries that I had just replaced decided to die on me when I tried (yet again) to get a picture of one of the project's starter holes. Ice Cube is in the process of drilling 80 holes in various locations on their site. The holes are drilled to the bottom of the ice layer, 9,000ft down, and sensors are put in place to start giving the scientists feedback on what they are studying...which I will go into at a later date. It's how I keep you interested!

What we were doing yesterday was walking through both the drill site with various Ice Cube drillers, and the building that is housing all the electronic support for the project. " We" refers to the emergency response team that is going to conduct an emergency drill on site early next week, so what we were doing was getting familiar with the location, as well as contacts once we got on scene. All this is supposed to make the drill run smoothly. I'll let you know how that turns out!

We almost had a real drill this past weekend. After a fun filled couple hours of volleyball, one of the other scientists and I were walking down the hallway, on our way to the kitchen when he smelled something burning. We followed it to the laundry room, and luckily there was already a couple people in there. They smelled it, too, and one of the guys unplugged the washing machine (took care of the potential fire), and the washer was set aside until it could be repaired. The problem, you ask? The person using the washer, who now has smoky clothes for another week, overloaded it and their clothes jammed the free-moving spinner. I'm just glad someone was in there doing laundry at the time! It reminds me of a time, back home...well, mom and dad remember that story, we'll leave it at that!

Capt. Splash

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