Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not Your Typical Day

Air Temp:-29.9C
Wind Chill:-42.8C
Wind Speed:10.6kts

Holy heat wave Batman, it's warm today! Think I'll work on my tan today! The wind was blowing a lot more yesterday. I think gusts actually got up to close to 20 kts! Granted, a couple days of activities are going to be lumped together, but I think you get the idea that any and all things are possible on a given day! We found out from the Cargo dept that we had some empty boxes they were going to deliver to us. This was good news for us since we could continue to get rid of air sample flasks that had accumulated over the past winter. The loader came out, dropped off the boxes, and we set about making sure they weren't packed too
badly with snow.

Cargo came out a couple hours later with some extensions to our Meteorological Tower. Brian, Cully and I set about getting the pieces off the pallet,

and then after sufficient thawing we went up the existing tower to take a look at the instruments and what the weekly maintenance of those required.

That night it was time for Wiffleball! My first attempt at the game since...oh I don't know when! I don't think it went too badly, either, lot of fun. As I said, crazy things happen on a given day, in the middle of the game, the gym door busts open and our visual senses were assaulted by very colorful, masked individuals that had assumed the roles of their alter-egos. The Antarctic's version of Power Rangers showed up to get in on a little of the Wiffleball action, and then, as quickly as they appeared...they were gone!

That was a couple days ago. Last night was Volleyball night, and we wound up with some serious four on four games that made a lot of us hobble back to our rooms when the games were over! All in all it was a good night. Made up for the morning...Cully and I continued our quest for the Ultimate Ping Pong Player of the Year Award with a couple more games. It's going very badly for me, but the year is long and I am hoping to have a revelation on how to actually be competition for him! It reminds me of the summer-long bouts of UNO I used to have with my grandmother (who happens to still retain the title of Extreme Uno Champ of the World), the only difference is I used to stack the deck when I played her and I can't seem to figure out how to do that with Cully!

I will leave you with a shot that Cully took while up on the tower looking down at ARO. Everybody back home take care, and as we are, I hope you are looking forward to safe and
happy holidays coming up!!

Capt Splash

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