Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Seasonal Activities

Temperature: 24.0C
Wind Chill: 28.9C
Wind Speed: 7.0 kts

So many times, we miss the opportunity to go to mundane events, like races, just because we don't think they will be very entertaining....the Race Around the World on Christmas morning is just such an event, where normal folks get outside in regular temperatures and do normal things...like race!

Some of us decided to run,

others to walk, bike or ski,

and then there were those select few that decided to take the track in style!

one of our resident "Fuelies", Dan tried yet a different approach!

even Batman made an appearance...

The race itself lasted three laps around parts of the station, and a couple miles later it was all over, and we all headed inside for a late breakfast and a continuance of the festivities!

Today, right before Todd left, Chrissy and I took a trip out to the tent where his sled was housed, and signed the pig before he left.

Wandering outside the station, one can also see Snowhenge! These blocks of ice were strategically placed for the New Year, and in a few days, they will be fashioned into works of art which will be displayed in another posting.

Finally, what started off Christmas morning, followed by the 5:30pm lowering, was the flag ceremony that traditionally started down here 1999. A Vietnam veteran was working down here, and he wanted to pay tribute to POWs and veterans who were MIA from that era. They started the tradition of raising the black POW/MIA flag down here then and continued it ever since. The reason for it being done on Christmas... for those Americans being held in the camps, Christmas Day was the time when they were let out of confinement to send and receive mail, talk to/share time with/hold other Americans that they were captured with. It gave them the opportunity to partake in some of the freedoms that they thought it necessary to fight for. I took part in the raising and lowering ceremony so I don't have many pictures, except for this one

but the flag was signed by all the veterans, reservists, retired and active military personnel on station this year. After it was lowered, one of the Polies will take it back to DC, where it will be presented at the Vietnam Memorial. When I get access to more pictures of this ceremony, I will try to get them on here a little quicker!

Well, that was Christmas Day for me. Just a few things were going on...and I didn't mention anything about the daily routine at ARO!! :)

Take care everybody and have a Happy New Year!!

Capt. Splash

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