Thursday, March 5, 2009

Skiway Flags

Temperature: -49.5C
Wind Chill: -65.1C
Wind Speed: 7.8 kts

Aside from the booze lug, that also took place last week, we had to pull all the flags off their posts marking the ski way and its approach. There were two teams of three that went out in LMCs, which are transports on tracks instead of tires. Weeks, Jude and myself were in one LMC,

while the other housed Chrissy, Nathan and Ross.

Before we could leave, we really needed to make sure we took the right tools for the ski way...

and then we were off...out of the garage, and headed towards the ski way.

The other LMC was charged with gathering all the flags on the north end of the ski way, which left the south end for us to head for, which was fine by me. The south end started about four miles away from the station. I was actually going to leave the South Pole!! It was nice being out away from the station for a bit, because once we turned around to look back at the station, we could hardly see it!!

yep, you can kind of see the station to the right of the bend in the tracks! But, really, aside from the station...there's not a lot out here! We took some time to take some pictures of the area,

but then we had to get down to business...which is harder to do in Big Red than you would think!

To be honest, we did have to pull flags all day last Friday, and we did. Unfortunately, none of that is documented!

On the way back, Weeks gave me a shot at the controls of the LMC, which took a little getting used to. Both tracks operated independently of one another, the right track had a little more power to it than the left track, and the throttle kept slipping to a slower rpm, so it was a constant juggling act to keep the LMC straight, but it was still fun to drive....and what could I possibly hit out here!?

I still continue to do things down here that I know I can't do anywhere else in the world!

Capt. Splash

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