Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fuel Line Haul

Temperature: -41.9C
Wind Chill: -56.9C
Wind Speed: 9.1 kts

About a week after the last plane left, it was time to haul in all the fuel hoses for the winter. After all, we aren't going to see another plane for eight months! The first day wasn't too bad, we worked on the smaller hose lengths right next to the flight line.

The second day, however, all we had left was the line that went from the terminal all the way around the station, and ended by the Dome. That was quite a cold day! I actually put on my Carhartts for both of those days!

On this day, we needed the help of one of the heavy machine operators. We wound up using about four of these spools, and the first two were doubled up with hose! One person was directing the machinery, there were up to four people around the spool, keeping it rolling,

and then the rest of the crew would run in front, making sure the fuel was out of the line left to roll. Any remainders were waiting to spell whoever needed it.

I felt a little guilty taking pictures while everyone else was working on the line, so I gave the camera to Emily for a bit...

When the rolling was done, we split tasks, and some of us made sure that the fuel line was draining into a container as we rolled up the last of the hose. While we were capping our end...

a couple people worked on closing the connection the hose was attached to.

Once the line was on the spool,

there was time to gather another drink for the road...

and realize that we were done!!!

The crew that held on til the very end...

(from left: Emily, Steele, Robert, Erik, Ross, me, Dave, and Damien in front)

(Boyd, the Heavy Machine Operator)
Those not pictured, but definitely helping out, were Monte, another Erik, and Genevieve.

Once all was said and done, Boyd took the spool off into the casually growing expanse of white!

I don't think I have ever slept so soundly that after either of those days! But, it is done...until eight months from now, when we have to drag all that hose back out! It won't be nearly as rough, though. All the fuel is out of the lines, we just have to drop it and connect hoses. The worst is behind us!

A couple of us, myself included, sustained small amounts of frostbite on our fingers and faces, but aside from that, no major problems with prolonged exposure to the elements! Bring on the winter!!! :)

*on a side note, this past week, I think we touched -90F for a brief time, but I am still looking at Celsius to see where we wind up on that scale this winter!

Capt. Splash

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